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I am Ingrid Lamprecht and I have been doing stained glass for about three and a half years, which is a drop in the ocean considering it has been around for centuries. The oldest glass factory was discovered in Israel and dates back to the 4th century AD. Glass was said to have started in Mesopotamia, Syria and Egypt. Glass was traded back and forth from the Mediterranean and the African continent to the Asian continent on an old trade route called The Silk Road Trade Route, on land and via the ocean.

I decided to teach myself and have not looked back since. Every day I walk into my little studio, it’s like falling in love all over again. I have been blessed with a few kind people along my way who have given me invaluable advice and encouragement.

Beware of cheap Chinese imitations. Though I only stick to sun-catchers, trinkets, small panels, candle holders and lampshades, rest assured that I use genuine stained glass and your item is hand crafted with love. Private commissions are undertaken. I do not do repairs, windows or doors at this time.

The world is adorned with the colour of Stained Glass and I feel utterly blessed that in some small way, I can contribute to the art.

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